Alaska Fishing Tips

How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more

Pike Fishing on the Holitna River

written and photos by Dan Paull Pike fishing on the Holitna River is some of the best that Alaska has to offer. Or at least I have been told many times by guests. Read More...

Pike Fishing on the Holitna River2022-01-06T11:01:53-09:00

What are Flies for?

written by Joe Jackson photos by Joe Jackson and Emmie Jackson  I’m staring at my fly box—one of several, I should say—at the end of yet another season that I’m still perplexed is Read More...

What are Flies for?2022-01-06T10:48:12-09:00

Derek Fergus: The Future of Fly Tying

Written by Joe Jackson photos courtesy of Derek Fergus It’s July 7th, 2003, and the night sky around Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida is suddenly whelmed in fire. The National Air Read More...

Derek Fergus: The Future of Fly Tying2022-01-12T12:04:47-09:00

Kenai River King Counts: Mischief Mismanaged

Kenai Late-run King Mismanagement. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has the monumental job of managing the fisheries of the largest state—by far—in the country. They do this in a place Read More...

Kenai River King Counts: Mischief Mismanaged2022-01-05T14:57:22-09:00

Conservation-Minded Traveler

written by Dave Atcheson photos by Bruce King   Bruce King, a recently retired Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist, is an avid traveler and adventurer, as well as a diehard angler, who could Read More...

Conservation-Minded Traveler2021-12-27T13:24:58-09:00

January 2022 Gear Bag

In the January 2022 Gear bag we at Fish Alaska are going to look at some great products for the recreational shellfish angler, including a boat, cooler and even a cookstove to cook Read More...

January 2022 Gear Bag2021-12-27T13:24:33-09:00

December 2021 Gear Bag

In every issue of Fish Alaska we bring you some of the latest products from around the fishing industry in our Gear Bag. Orvis Essential Trout Fly Selection orvis.com This fly collection includes Read More...

December 2021 Gear Bag2021-12-10T10:00:39-09:00

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

    Now is the time to make those gift purchases for anglers on your list. Here’s another batch of items to consider. From ice augers to sea fur hats, wading boots to Read More...

Holiday Gift Guide Part 22021-12-01T09:53:36-09:00

Savonoski Loop a Solo Adventure

written by Bjorn Dihle, photos by Glen Aronson “From what I had heard, the Savonoski Loop seemed like a totally manageable solo trip,” Glen said. Bristol Bay may be most famous for having Read More...

Savonoski Loop a Solo Adventure2021-11-19T15:12:16-09:00

Mark Hieronymus is Behind the Vice

Mark Hieronymus is a self-proclaimed “fish translator,” and his mentality for fly creation is refreshingly simple: The fish will tell you whether something works or not. It follows, then, that his resume of Read More...

Mark Hieronymus is Behind the Vice2021-11-10T12:32:24-09:00

Life of a Sockeye

Written by Bjorn Dihle Photos by Jonny Armstrong and Bjorn Dihle   On July 22nd, 2021, news broke that Bristol Bay was having its biggest sockeye salmon return since recordkeeping began in 1893. Read More...

Life of a Sockeye2021-11-10T12:31:27-09:00

The Yakutat Fish Factory

Every year anglers flock to Yakutat to cast their chance at catching a trophy steelhead or to fill their freezer with wild salmon. Most of these anglers likely know that Yakutat is Read More...

The Yakutat Fish Factory2021-12-03T10:59:30-09:00

Alaska lodge for sale

Alaska lodge for sale are the words some savvy investors wish to hear. If you are looking for a good return on your money or if you have always dreamed of this Read More...

Alaska lodge for sale2021-10-04T11:34:38-08:00

The Western Native Trout Challenge in Alaska

Meet Alaska’s native trout species and the angler who pursued them during a single visit Story by Marian Giannulis Photos by Daniel A. Ritz/@Jacks_Experience_Trading An Arctic Grayling caught by Daniel, a Read More...

The Western Native Trout Challenge in Alaska2021-09-27T14:30:42-08:00


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