Alaska Fish Conservation

Alaska fish conservation is paramount to us at Fish Alaska, and here you can read about Kenai kings, Trout Unlimited, Pebble Mine, the Susitna River, and how to catch and release the right way.

Tongass & Salmon: A Way of Life in Southeast Alaska

Tongass National Forest Blog by Kayla Roys, Trout Unlimited Fishing an alpine lake in southeast Alaska. © Sydney Akagi Photography Those who know southeast Alaska likely and rightly imagine mountains erupting Read More...

Tongass & Salmon: A Way of Life in Southeast Alaska2020-10-15T14:36:42-08:00

Mines in Canada Jeopardize Alaska Fisheries

Mines and mining errors or worse – failures – in Canada threaten powerhouse Alaska king salmon and silver salmon fisheries in Southeast.

Mines in Canada Jeopardize Alaska Fisheries2020-12-31T14:40:30-09:00

Bristol Bay Salmon Fishing: Man of Salmon

Bristol Bay Salmon Fishing: Man of Salmon An Interview with Triston Chaney Triston Chaney and his brother aboard their grandpa's gillnetter in Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay salmon fishing is a way Read More...

Bristol Bay Salmon Fishing: Man of Salmon2020-08-20T09:03:11-08:00

Conservation: Helping the Wild Places that Help Us

As an angler and outdoor enthusiast, the decline in outdoor recreation saddened and somewhat baffled me. I was slightly buoyed by the fact that fishing ranked second place in popularity for children (behind biking), and adults (behind running).

Conservation: Helping the Wild Places that Help Us2020-12-31T14:39:28-09:00

Pebble Mine Project: The Bears of McNeil

Pebble Mine Project and The Bears of McNeil By Bjorn Dihle Brown bears congregated on McNeil River. © Drew Hamilton Pebble Mine Project & the Bears of McNeil  In the late Read More...

Pebble Mine Project: The Bears of McNeil2020-06-22T10:40:27-08:00

Respect Fish and Fellow Anglers

For those of you skimming for the cliff notes, here’s the short takeaway: Recognize and appreciate that you are in a world-class fishery and treat it and your fellow anglers as such.

Respect Fish and Fellow Anglers2020-11-13T15:34:15-09:00

Kings: Conservation & Alaska’s State Fish

Fortunately, despite the downturn in king numbers, Alaska remains one of the all-time great fishing destinations, with most other salmon stocks, as well as freshwater species, doing quite well.

Kings: Conservation & Alaska’s State Fish2021-01-06T14:43:26-09:00

Hens Matter: Kings on the Gravel

When that choice is entirely up to you, remember that the gravel needs those eggs way more than your bait cooler does. Yeah, hens matter…but more importantly, BIG hens matter. Just let her go.

Hens Matter: Kings on the Gravel2020-04-30T08:52:18-08:00

Anadromous Waters Catalog

The Anadromous Waters Catalog, is ADF&G’s list of all streams, rivers or lakes in Alaska it deems important for salmon and other anadromous fishes.

Anadromous Waters Catalog2020-03-19T14:02:59-08:00

Women Who Fish: Spotlight on Women Anglers

Though it is still a sport largely dominated by men, the scales are beginning to balance thanks to the vision and example of women leaders in Alaska like Cecelia “Pudge” Kleinkauf and many others, including the four accomplished women we interviewed below.

Women Who Fish: Spotlight on Women Anglers2020-12-31T14:38:41-09:00

Trout Unlimited Conservation Projects

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trout Unlimited Alaska brings people who care about coldwater fisheries together to protect, reconnect and restore the places they love to fish. Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program collaborates closely with commercial fishermen, anglers, tribes, Read More...

Trout Unlimited Conservation Projects2020-12-31T11:04:56-09:00

Eklutna River Renaissance

Eklutna River Renaissance Story by Eric Booton Photos by Ryan Peterson Since time immemorial, southcentral Alaska’s Eklutna River, a glacial stream in Northern Cook Inlet traditionally known as Idlughetnu, was replete with fish, Read More...

Eklutna River Renaissance2021-07-29T09:44:51-08:00

Productive Fishing Is Up To All Of Us

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="24299" img_size="full" alignment="center"][vc_column_text] Alaska Fish Conservation Story by Jenny Weis, photos by Paul Nicoletti Alaska is unique. Unlike much of the rest of the country, we still enjoy incredible fishing and wild Read More...

Productive Fishing Is Up To All Of Us2020-07-08T15:02:44-08:00

Ocean Conditions & King Salmon Populations

Ocean Conditions Blog by George Krumm Photo courtesy of Kodiak Legends Lodge Saltwater kings on Kodiak have seen a good showing in recent years. Kodiak Legends Lodge in Larsen Bay shows off Read More...

Ocean Conditions & King Salmon Populations2020-01-16T16:15:57-09:00

Using Rockfish Descenders

Any rockfish brought up from depths of 60 feet or more will suffer barotrauma. © EcoLeeser Going Down - Descenders for Rockfish Rockfish Descenders blog by George Krumm Rockfish descenders (aka Read More...

Using Rockfish Descenders2019-07-12T14:45:16-08:00


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