Fishing Gear Bag

Having just the right fishing gear to tackle Alaska’s waters is really important. The team at Fish Alaska has decades of experience and are excited to share what’s new in their gear bag. The fishing gear featured in our February 2023 Gear Bag has got you covered from sunglasses, rods and sleeping bags to jigs, a boat seat box, and dry bags. It’s all here.


Fishing gear

Santiam Fishing Rods SFS-864 Spinning Rod

Oregon-based Santiam Fishing Rods produces a variety of travel rods well suited for Alaska, including this spinning model. The SFS-864 is an 8’6”, 4-piece, medium-power spinning rod. It is rated for 10- to 20-pound-test line and lures weighing ⅜- to 1½ ounces. The rod fits into the 31-inch tube that is included with purchase. Santiam designs and extensively fishes all their rod models on waters in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, to their own demands. No models are produced until they are 100% satisfied with performance and durability. Each is backed by their 3-year limited warranty as well as their desire to provide the best product support and customer service in the industry.

Fishing gear

Three Bears Alaska Grizzly Tech Reactor Mummy Bag

The new Grizzly Tech Reactor Mummy Bag comes in three model ratings: 20°, 0° and -20°. They feature 190T polyester outer fabric, a 190T polyester liner, TechLoft Silver insulation, two-layer offset construction and all come with a stuff sack. The 20° model sports a 36-ounce fill weight and weighs 3 pounds, 14 ounces. The 0° model features 60-ounce fill weight and weighs 5 pounds, 3 ounces, while the -20° option has an 80-ounce fill weight putting the total weight of the bag at 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Dimensions of all three bags is 32” x 80”.

Costa Spearo Sunglasses

These stylish sunglasses offer an XXL frame, regular fit, high nose-bridge fit, and Costa’s polarized 580 lenses, and are available in glass or polycarbonate. Frames come in three color options: Matte Tortoise, Blackout or Black/Shiny Tort. Lens options depend on the frame color: green glass or blue poly for Matte Tortoise, blue- or green glass and blue- or gray poly for Blackout and green glass for Black/Shiny Tort. Best of all, these glasses accept Rx lenses. We are currently testing a pair of prescription, Matte Tortoise frames with green glass lenses.

Daiwa Rock Rover Jigs

The sleek, bullet design of this Inchiku-style jig gets it down quickly and it stays in the targeted strike zone. Multiple anchor points, imitation Abalone Shell eyes and a lifelike Octopus skirt entice rockfish and lingcod, plus the occasional halibut, to bite when not much else will. With 6 sizes (3oz-7oz) in 4 colors there is the perfect option for most conditions. A slow-and-subtle action works best; often, just dropping it to the bottom and slowly reeling it in will produce the most bites.Fishing gear

Fish Fighter Products Guide Series Boat Seat Box with Slide Out Drawer

The Fish Fighter Guide Series Boat Seat Box with Slide Out Drawer is a true game changer. At least, that’s what almost every person who has seen this Boat Seat Box has said. Each Boat Seat Box contains a full slide-out drawer with adjustable dividers to help you keep your tackle organized and easy to access. This is a water-resistant box, with drain holes to allow the tackle to drain and dry after use. It also includes an integrated lock. Pick between black, red, silver or blue drawers for a customized look on your boat.

Fishing gear

Groovy Grayling Duffel Dry Bag

The all-new, 100% waterproof Duffel Dry Bag is the perfect bag for your longer adventures, providing a whopping carrying capacity of 66L. For easy accessibility to your items inside, it features a roll-top closure and quick-release buckles. For smaller items, an exterior pocket provides quick access. The attached strap is padded and can be secured together and used over the shoulder, or alternatively as a crossbody strap. The Groovy Grayling print will certainly stand out from the sea of luggage at the airport!

Silver Horde Squid Gumpuckie

Reeling hardware into your tip top guide is a hazard that has resulted in many broken tip tops. Experienced anglers are less prone to the accident, but it still happens. And if you are fishing with kids or new-to-the-sport anglers, then you should expect it to happen on nearly every fishing trip. These soft-plastic, bullet-shaped spacers come in handy to cushion your tip top from the damage inflicted when gear is reeled into the last eye of the rod. The Squid model by Silver Horde measures 1/2” x 1/8” and comes in five color options.

If you’re looking for more highly tested and rated fishing gear, check out Fish Alaska’s fishing gear archives for so much more.