What Fishing Gear do you Need to Fish Alaska?

2021 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Getting a holiday gift for any fishermen can be a stressful experience for many, but it doesn’t need to be. Avoid the crowds and get a jump on Read More...

2021 Holiday Gift Guide Part 12021-10-03T10:47:55-08:00

Reliable Gear

Test of Time Awards: Reliable Gear for Fishing & Outdoors For the last 20 years, editors at Fish Alaska magazine have tested countless products used by anglers, hunters and outdoorsmen in the great Read More...

Reliable Gear2021-04-19T10:17:04-08:00

Time-Tested Fishing Rods & Reels

TFO Traveler Spinning Rod TAC TRS 705-3 / Casting Rod TAC TRC 705-3tforods.comThese rods have flown many miles across Alaska as part of our starting lineup of travel rods that we use to Read More...

Time-Tested Fishing Rods & Reels2021-04-19T10:15:13-08:00

Reliable Lures & Tackle

Test of Time: Reliable Lures & Tackle Mepps Agliamepps.comThis lure has helped us land a wide variety of fish in the Great Land. From 25-pound kings on the Nushagak, to 15-pound Tsiu River Read More...

Reliable Lures & Tackle2021-04-19T10:15:13-08:00

Best Wading Gear

Test of Time: Best Wading Gear Patagonia Women’s Spring River Waderspatagonia.comIt was difficult to choose a Test of Time wader for women because we are all shaped a little differently. Apart from being Read More...

Best Wading Gear2021-04-19T10:15:12-08:00

Reliable Watercraft & Accessories

Test of Time: Reliable Watercraft & Accessories Pristine Ventures PR-49pristineventures.comFloat fish and hunt expert Larry Bartlett is a longtime friend and innovator in the industry. Among his accomplishments, he’s developed a variety of Read More...

Reliable Watercraft & Accessories2021-04-19T10:15:12-08:00

Reliable Outdoor Apparel

Test of Time: Reliable Outdoor Apparel XTRATUF 15-inch Legacy Bootxtratuf.comFor nearly 20 years Publisher Marcus Weiner has been wearing these boots. He had this to say: “The XTRATUF Legacy boots are truly Alaska Read More...

Reliable Outdoor Apparel2021-04-19T10:15:12-08:00

Favorite Outdoor Gear & Accessories

Test of Time: Favorite Outdoor Gear & Field Accessories Garmin inReach Minigarmin.comThe Garmin inReach Mini is must-have gear for many active Alaska outdoorsmen. From pilots to backcountry hunters to fishing float-trip crusaders, the Read More...

Favorite Outdoor Gear & Accessories2021-04-19T10:15:12-08:00

Time-Tested Camping & Cooking Gear

Test of Time: Camping & Cooking Gear Yeti Tundra 105 Hard Cooleryeti.comThe cost of a Yeti cooler is a little daunting at first but when you think about the long-term use and durability Read More...

Time-Tested Camping & Cooking Gear2021-04-19T10:15:12-08:00

Reliable Fishing Line

Test of Time: Reliable Fishing Line Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand Braided Linedaiwa.com/us/This line is fairly new on the market, so we hesitated in giving this a Test of Time award. However, its performance Read More...

Reliable Fishing Line2021-04-19T10:15:12-08:00

Best Layering Apparel 2021

The weather is constantly changing in Alaska and layering is the key to staying warm. You can always take layers off and put them back on when needed. Read on for choices to Read More...

Best Layering Apparel 20212021-03-01T09:25:33-09:00

Best Accessories for Fishing 2021

Best accessories for fishing in Alaska range from gloves to belts, scarves to hats. We showcase some items to increase warmth and style in this section. We also feature some polarized sunglasses, which Read More...

Best Accessories for Fishing 20212021-03-01T09:25:33-09:00

Best Outdoor Boots and Footwear 2021

Best outdoor boots for Alaska need to be tough. Footwear like XTRATUF Legacy boots, often referred to as Alaska sneakers, are among the most worn fishing footwear in the Greatland. In this section Read More...

Best Outdoor Boots and Footwear 20212021-03-01T09:25:33-09:00

Best Fishing Rods 2021

At Fish Alaska, we spend countless hours each year on the water testing new rods to bring you the insight scoop on what rods to buy

Best Fishing Rods 20212021-03-01T09:25:33-09:00

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