Planning an Alaska Fishing Trip Vacation

Want to plan the trip of a lifetime or maybe just shake things up a bit on your yearly fishing pilgrimage? You’ve come to the right place. 

Bristol Bay Contest

Bristol Bay contest: Win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish in Bristol Bay, Alaska! Enter now for a chance to embark on a 4-day, 3-night adventure, Read More...

Bristol Bay Contest2024-03-01T10:09:48-09:00

Kenai Fishing Charter: Alaska Fishing Adventures

Kenai fishing charter companies offer anglers the chance to tangle with some of the fish species swimming in the Kenai River. This world-famous angling mecca is well known for its salmon and Read More...

Kenai Fishing Charter: Alaska Fishing Adventures2023-10-03T13:44:10-08:00

Kenai River Area Guides

Kenai River fishing guides have a lot of experience fishing all over the Kenai area. A good guide will teach anglers of all skill levels how to find and catch your target Read More...

Kenai River Area Guides2024-03-11T09:28:11-08:00

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Sockeye salmon fishing is an extremely exciting sport. Many anglers consider them the pound-for-pound strongest fish that swims in Alaska. It’s not uncommon for a 7-pound sockeye to make a mockery of Read More...

Sockeye Salmon Fishing2023-07-25T14:16:06-08:00

Kenai River Fishing Guides

Kenai River fishing guide choices abound. It’s no wonder, considering that the Kenai is one of the most awesome and most popular rivers in the state of Alaska. Home to four species Read More...

Kenai River Fishing Guides2023-07-27T07:00:22-08:00

Kenai River 2022 Fishing Report

August 10 These kids caught some salmon during this year's Kenai River Jr. Classic.  Nate with Big Dan's Fishing Charters came off the salt water to enjoy a day on the water with Read More...

Kenai River 2022 Fishing Report2023-07-26T13:01:58-08:00

Valdez Fishing Report

August  11 The salmon are coming in thick now, Valdez Outfitters providing the rental boats to get these folks to the fishing grounds. August  Read More...

Valdez Fishing Report2023-07-24T12:13:08-08:00

Yakutat 2022 Fishing Report

August 22 This is the most Alaska picture of fishing ever! August 9 Silver salmon are coming in soon the river will be filled with silver. Read More...

Yakutat 2022 Fishing Report2023-07-24T14:06:08-08:00

Seward 2022 Fishing Report

August 16 A great haul of Yellow-eye and the rare "ice cube" while out with Big Dan's Fishing Charters. August 14 Weather keeps being a factor Read More...

Seward 2022 Fishing Report2023-07-24T13:09:19-08:00

Kodiak, Alaska 2022 Fishing Report

August 4 This China Rockfish is certainly one of the coolest fish you will catch while fishing with Kodiak Legends Lodge. July 25 A great day of fishing, look Read More...

Kodiak, Alaska 2022 Fishing Report2023-07-24T13:27:40-08:00

Homer, Alaska 2022 Fishing Report

August 19 These anglers got some nice fish on the boat before the weather turned on them while out with Big Dan's Fishing Charters. August 14  These guys were Read More...

Homer, Alaska 2022 Fishing Report2023-07-24T14:24:54-08:00

Nushagak River 2022 Fishing Report

August 16 Nushagak River Adventure Lodge has come down to its final days on the 2022 salmon season. August 14 Nushagak River Adventure Lodge last week of the season Read More...

Nushagak River 2022 Fishing Report2022-08-17T16:14:24-08:00
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