April 2005 | Steelhead from A to Z


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Fly fishing expert Pudge Kleinkauf shares her love of the remote, but reachable, Seward Peninsula.
It’s not just where the Iditarod ends, it’s where the real fishing begins.


Make Your Own Steelhead Jigs 

by Dave Kilhefner

Dave Kilhefner shows you how simple it is to expand your steelhead arsenal.

Do Fish Think? 

by Daniel Bagur

While we bumble about on the surface, those silvery-sided creatures are showing a very different nature to researchers. But, of course, every steelheader and trout fisherman already knows how smart they are.

Banking on Steelhead 

by Scott Haugen

Fishing from the bank for Alaska’s finicky steelies is (relatively) easy if you follow these 12 steps.

Steelhead Dreams 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Why fishing and catching are really all the same to someone who is on a personal odyssey for the “fish that matters most.”

Hot Days & Cold Nights on the Karluk 

by Marcus Weiner 48

Publisher Marcus Weiner leads a trek to Kodiak to fish the famous Karluk for metalheads of prodigious size and quality.

Mousing for Trout 

by Tyson Radley O’Connell

Wham! and Wham! again. There is nothing like the strike of a hungry trout on a skating mouse fly. And you just might catch a few other finny things as well.

COVER/Greg Thomas with a nice steelie from the Anchor River. © Troy Letherman