April 2002 | Steelhead Soliloquy


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Tying the Crystal Egg Woolly Bugger 

by Rich Johnson 

A fly that spring-run steelhead can’t resist. 

Trout’s Way: Flyfishing Made Easy 

by Curt Trout 

From novice to expert, here are some techniques anyone can use to simplify the ritual of flyfishing.

Steel Floats! 

by Dave Vedder 

Fish with floats and take steelhead under even the most difficult Alaska conditions.

Green Goddess, Karluk River 

by Tony Weaver 

With almost as many kinds of fish as colors of green, the Karluk on Kodiak is one vivid experience.

Lost Lake 

by Robert Stagg 

How about a couple of two-year-old bear cubs and about a thousand caribou for fishing companions? 

Diamonds in the Rough 

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

Our resident expert relates her infatuation with one of Alaska’s most under-appreciated game fish. 

Spring Steel! 

by Mark Glassmaker 

One of the most vulnerable rivers in Alaska yields a silver lining, but at what cost? 


Caught in a Steel Trap 

by Dan Hardy Sr. 

One trophy like this and you’ll be hooked on the Situk.