April 2011 |  Spring Steelhead

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Fish Alaska Fly: Ghost Hunting

by Rich Culver

Hanging in trees wouldn’t be part of the normal fishing experience, but in southeast Alaska it is what happens to fly fishermen who chase steelhead (at least the successful ones). Rich Culver brings you this unique look at the obsession that is spring steelhead fishing.

Fish Alaska All Tackle: Jig & Float Fishing for Spring Steelhead

by JD Richey

It’s hard to imagine a big, fresh-from-the-sea rainbow inhaling a tiny piece of lead and marabou, but JD Richey swears that they do!

Fish Alaska Tactics: Anatomy of a Steelhead Hole

by Scott Haugen

Steelhead are predictable, meaning the more you know about where they hold–and why–the better the chance you have of catching them. Scott Haugen should know, he’s fished steelhead for over 43 years, and here he shares his expertise.

Fish Alaska Travel: On the Tal

by Marcus Weiner

Fish Alaska magazine staff meets up with the North to Alaska crew in a friendly rivalry that brings good friends and fishing together.

Head of the Class

by Paula Dobbyn

A week of education at Bristol Bay’s new Fly-Fishing Guide Academy. Paula Dobbyn reports on this highly successful learning institute and finds that there is more to guiding than just showing someone where the fish are.

COVER/Larry Csonka and Audrey Bradshaw fishing on the Tal. © Pat Smith