September 2002 | From Big Trout to the Bounties of Yakutat


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Don’t Drink the Water 

by Michael Strahan 

FA exclusive “how-to” enjoy the crystalline waters of Alaska and not take home more than you planned.

The Battle Creek Special 

By Pudge Kleinkauf 

A proven pattern for trout, this easy, flashy fly is just a bit, well, “special.” 

Trout’s Eye View 

By Curt Trout 

The upper Kenai River is renown for its feisty rainbows. 

March Madness

By Marcus Weiner 

Chasing trophy ‘bows in brisk spring weather. 

Chasing Hope 

Photos by Greg Syverson, Essay by Troy Letherman 

Photos to quicken the pulse of any avid trout angler. Photos by Greg Syverson, Essay by Troy Letherman


Fish Yakutat 

Variety is the spice of this Alaska fishing location. Fresh and saltwater opportunities abound.

COVER / Dan Hardy with a nice Rainbow!