August / September 2008 | Silver Salmon, Arctic Char and Grayling


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Fishing for a Compliment 18

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 24

Richey’s Salmon Sense 28

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Fish Alaska Fly: Sanchez Kiwi Muddler 

by Scott Sanchez

Fly-tying expert Scott Sanchez ties up this New Zealand streamer with some Alaska spin.

Top Water Char 

by G.B. Barnard

For a few short weeks in the spring, char become topwater feeders that take advantage of out-migrating salmon smolt. Now you can take advantage of these fiesty fish with advice and rigs from author G.B. Barnard.

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Waiting for the Bobber 

by Scott Haugen

Float-fishing diversity and its advantages, methods and success from Scott Haugen.

Saltwater Coho 

by Captain ‘Tat’ Tatterson

Captain ‘Tat’ Tatterson takes you into the world of the acrobatic and abundant silver salmon. Learn how to target and land these chrome-bright, fighting fish.

Fish Alaska Travel: Alaska’s Dark Horse 

by Kevin Yokum

In the pristine waters of Alaska there is a fish that is like no other. Join Kevin Yokum in pursuit of these Chena River lunkers.

Silvers Under Glacier Ice 

by Terry Sheely

Terry Sheely roams the environs of Valdez for salt action and brings back a flashy September tale.

Do -it-yourself-Kvichak

by Kathy Anderson

Associate publisher Kathy Anderson finds a rip-roaring good time at her ‘buddy’s cabin’ at Blueberry Island Lodge. Oh, yes, and there is that business about catching her husband’s fish.

COVER / Joby Craig with a nice Yentna River area silver. © Wayne Norris