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The “All Purpose”

by Joe J. Warren

This fly does it all. With a few variations, of course.

Backpacking the Karluk

by Scott Stouder

Through the heart of the “Emerald Isle” of Kodiak runs a fabled river of fly-fishing dreams. Packing-in is rewarded with big kings as well as a sense of place and time.

Confessions of a Float Tube Junkie

by Dave Atcheson

The secret titillation of floating free with only bugs and fish to distract you.

From Glaciers to Grayling

by Troy Letherman

Choose wisely—with this guide to fish and locations in southcentral. A best bet for “do-it-your-selfers” as well as those who prefer a little pampering with their world-class fishing.

Katmai Treasure

by Doug Wilson

A glittering jewel flows through some rugged territory, yielding fabulous fish and memorable events.

Profile: Lee Wulff

by Jim Repine

A look at one of the most influential outdoorsmen of all time. Lee Wulff lived and learned in Alaska.


Inside Alaska 

by Amy Armstrong

Interior Alaska has more to offer than big mountains and beautiful scenery. Thousands of lakes, rivers and streams hold a bounty of piscatorial adventure for those willing to explore the deepest heart of Alaska.

Plan-A-Trip Guide 68

A Fish Alaska magazine exclusive with helpful hints, fish run-times, and a questionnaire that will help you make the best of your “Trip of a Lifetime.”

COVER/Flying in is only one way to get to the best fishing—see pgs. 18 and 42 for more ideas! © Brian O’Keefe