August / September 2013 | Autumn Glory: Alaska ‘Bows

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Float-Fishing Setups for Coho & Steelhead 

by Scott Haugen

Looking for ways to increase your catch rates on both coho and steelhead this fall? Then think about fishing a float and jig, a simple setup that can produce some impressive results.

Balance Beam Silvers

by JD Richey

If the coho bite turns off this fall, and the waters you’re fishing allow bait to be deployed, here’s a new tactic for river salmon from contributing editor JD Richey.

A Spey Introduction at Bear Trail Lodge

by Melissa Norris and Troy Letherman

For Alaskan anglers plying large waters for large fish, it pays to fish the two-hander. Here publisher Melissa Norris details her own introduction to the world of Spey-fishing, while editor Troy Letherman offers some details on the history and technique.

Canoeing the Swanson

by Steve Meyer

Paddle off the beaten path in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge this autumn in pursuit of silvers, rainbows and more.

Alaska’s Char on the Fly

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Contributing editor Don Thomas takes us along as he pursues Alaska’s Dolly Varden and Arctic char in locales across the state. Often nearly forgotten among the state’s more illustrious targets, it’s nice to remember how often the trip savers can become the trip.

Special: Studded Wading Boots—Effective or Not?

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

With Alaska’s 2012 ban on felt-soled wading shoes well into effect, a stable of Fish Alaska regulars headed into the field to test a variety of Vibram- and other synthetic-soled boots, with and without studs. Here are the findings.

COVER / Kate Taylor with a colorful Naknek rainbow. © Justin Crump