February 2010 | 2010 Travel Issue, Part 2


Editor’s Creel 8 

Alaska Traveler 12 

Fishing for a Compliment 16 

Tackle Tech 22 

Salmon Sense 24 

Fish Alaska Boats 26 

Reading Rivers 30 

Advertiser Index 78 

Final Drift 82 

Fish Alaska Special 

FA Reader Recipe Contest

by Melissa Norris 70

The finalists in the 2009 Fish Alaska Reader Recipe Contest cook off at the Kincaid Grill with spectacular (and delicious) results. The winner is revealed and recipes for all finalists are included. Try one tonight!


Nushagak River Journal: Silvers

by Troy Letherman

Editor Troy Letherman schools up at the Nushagak River for a silver lesson.

Thorne River

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Prince of Wales Island gives up some secrets to E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. in this fly rod adventure.

Fish Alaska Travel : Anatomy of a Float Trip

by Marcus Weiner

Get ready for the time of your life on an Alaska river float. Publisher Marcus Weiner provides pointers on the Arolik.

Wandering Skagway

by Andrew Cremata

Skagwayite Andrew Cremata explores his backyard with an eye toward the new.

Return to the Situk

by Les Gara

The legend of the Situk River continues with Les Gara exploring this famous steelhead area.

Sheefish Dreams

by Scott Haugen

Interior Alaska produces some of the most exciting predator fish to be found. From monster pike to the “tarpon of the North” Scott Haugen gets a grip on his dream.

Experience Alaska

by Jim Klug

It is convenient that fish like to congregate where it is most beautiful in Alaska. Here photographer Jim Klug presents the Alaska fishing experience.

COVER/Jason Chew with a Nush silver. © Troy Letherman