August / September 2005 | All Coho and Rainbows All the Time


Editor’s Creel 8

Alaska Traveler 12

Book Review 14

Fishing for a Compliment 16

Advertiser Index 74

Fish Recipe 76

Checkerboard Salmon from

Anchorage’s Marx Bros. Cafe

Final Drift 82


Fish Alaska Special Section

Agulukpak River 68

Just a snippet of river, by Alaska standards, but one heck of a fishing destination, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the state.

by Mo Tidemanis


Debut of the “Mardi Gras” 

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

Pudge whips up a glittery go-getter for salmon and trout.

Big & Nasty 

by Scott Sanchez

Fly expert Scott Sanchez says, “Super-size those flies.” If you want big fish, tie big flies. Here’s how to tie two of his oversized favorites.

Silver Platter 

by Greg Thomas

What do commercial fishermen do when they’re not hauling in big catches of fish? Why fish with a fly rod, of course. Greg Thomas dishes up a Southeast salmon adventure.

Kvichak Rainbows 

by publisher Marcus Weiner

Sleek, powerful spring-trout are the quarry in the heartland of the Iliamna region.

All that Glitters 

by McKibben Jackinski

After the rush for kings is over, the Kenai River puts on a second act that can rival the first. McKibben Jackinski writes a loveletter to the understudy.

87 Ways to Silver 

by Laura Metcalfe

Combine these Southcentral locations and the other tips and techniques in this issue for more than 100 locations and ways to hook the acrobatic Alaska coho.

COVER / Jake Jordan with a big, bright rainbow. © Jake Jordan