February 2011 | 2011 Travel Issue, Part 2

February 2011Departments

Editor’s Creel 6

Fish Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing For a Compliment 12

Tackle Tech 18

Salmon Sense 22

EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 24

Fish Alaska Boats 26

Tight Lines 30

Fish Alaska Fly 34

Fish Alaska Recipe 78

Advertiser Index 80

Final Drift 82


The Greatest Placefor the Greatest Fish

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Roadless and vast, the Bristol Bay drainage is the richest commercial salmon fishery in the world. Join Don and Lori Thomas and discover the uniqueness of this extremely productive area.

Fish Alaska Travel: The Adventures ofLance DeShaw 

An overnight fly-out to the Kustatan River at the base of the Alaska Range is the setting for the Norris’ memorable experience in remote Alaska.

A Beautiful Agony

by Troy Letherman

With a history of sustaining those who fish it, the Situk River near Yakutat poses a challenge for FA editor Troy Letherman and publisher Melissa Norris.

Remote Access

by Andrew Cremata

Fabled Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska provides an abundance of fishing experiences from trout to sea cucumbers (and yes, they are delicious!). Andrew Cremata visits Rockhaven Lodge for a remote mixed plate.

A Tale of Fathers & Sons, Bears & Big Fish

by Dave Atcheson

Dave Atcheson spends a week at No See Um Lodge, a remote, unique experience of flying, fishing and viewing for the whole family. Meet the Meyer clan and the Solversons and see why they come back year after year.


by Greg Thomas

Beat down by his 86-year-old Gran fishing for cutthroat trout, Greg Thomas puts in a trip to Southeast. Mooching a ride with another fly fisher, Greg reflects on the toughness of his Gran and the challenge of trout.

COVER/A hardy Southeast cutthroat trout. Photo © Greg Thomas