February 2018


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February 2018

Do it All & Do it Right in 2018


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COVER / Sportsman’s Warehouse contest winner Dan Poe poses with his 100-plus-pound halibut caught in Yakutat Bay. © Brian Woobank

ANWR: Fishing the Heart of the Wild
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. 34

Located in one of the most remote corners of North America, just getting to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a major undertaking, but once there you can be certain the sheer wildness of the place will take your breath away. You might as well catch a few fish while there, and Don Thomas is here to walk you through how and where. 

Kvichak River Guide
by Troy Letherman 40

The Kvichak is home to some of the largest wild rainbows on the planet, as well as sockeye salmon fishing so good it’ll make your head spin. Learn everything you need to know to visit in our comprehensive guide.

Multiplicity in Monti Bay
by Marcus Weiner 48

2017 Sportsman’s Warehouse contest-winner Dan Poe and his dad, Tom Poe, join Publisher Marcus Weiner and Yakutat expert-extraordinaire Brian Woobank for four days of adventure, reveling in the variety and bounty of the Yakutat area while fishing from Monti Bay Lodge and Resort. This is an excellent trip for the DIY angler looking for a mix of fresh- and saltwater action, as the guys proved over four days of fantastic fishing.

So Many Choices: Katmailand’s Kulik Lodge
by Kathy Anderson & Pat Speranza56

There’s no lack of opportunities for anglers who visit Kulik Lodge smack dab in the heart of Katmai National Park, from variety of species, variety of streams and even a variety of ways in which to fish. Read more about this place that offers something for everyone.

Crankbait Salmon Fishing
by JD Richey 64

To catch more kings and coho in freshwater, get in touch with your inner bass angler and think about adding crankbaits to your salmon-fishing arsenal in the new year. Here our professional salmon guide shows you how.

Naknek Xanadu
by Melissa Norris 72

Fox Bay Lodge provides the ultimate in a Bristol Bay fishing experience—prolific salmon and rainbow trout fishing on the famed Naknek River, comfortable accommodations, extraordinary table fare and great company. Join Publisher Melissa Norris for her early autumn visit and then start
planning yours!

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