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On The Cover

Epic bottomfishing, camaraderie, weather, dining and lodging were all on full display during our trip to Kodiak Legends Lodge last July. © Brian Woobank




Blockbuster Bottomfishing on Kodiak

by Melissa Norris

Saltwater angling in the waters around Kodiak Island is bountiful, especially the farther you get from the city of Kodiak. Publisher Melissa Norris describes the quality and quantity of bottomfish available in and around Larsen Bay while fishing out of Kodiak Legends Lodge.



Topwater Terror

by Andrew Cremata

Nothing compares to furious topwater strikes from aggressive northern pike. While pike aren’t reliably caught on surface lures all the time, there are situations where surface lures are effective. Plus, it’s a lot more exciting seeing one surface blowup than several fish that bite unseen in the depths. Skagway Mayor Andrew Cremata shares techniques that seem to get them to bite more consistently on the surface.



Play Misty for Me

by Terry W. Sheely

At 2.3-million acres and 3,570 square miles, “Misty Fjords National Monument is a remote Southeast uprising of velvet-green mountains, rarely fished lakes, streams without boot tracks and enough saltwater estuaries, river mouths, points and rips to wear out even the most dedicated salmon trollers,” according to Sheely.  He visited it to sample incredible cutthroat trout flyfishing in an area as beautiful as it is remote.



Stay in Touch

by JD Richey

Alaska has a lot of area that is a long, long way from anywhere. The largest expanses of wilderness in the United States are found here and being able to communicate in the event of an emergency is vital. JD Richey describes some of the devices available to help you stay in touch, including satellite phones and satellite tracking/messaging devices, as well as some tips to ensure the devices are always in reach and charged during your trip.