Travel Issue III


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On the cover:

Maizie Norris picked up flyfishing quickly her first time trying it on a trip with Mom to Kenai River Sportfishing Lodge. © Melissa Norris




Five Steelhead Techniques for Alaska

by Marcus Weiner

Steelhead are angling icons wherever they’re found. Often referred to as “the fish of a thousand casts,” they can be a real challenge. Fish Alaska Publisher Marcus Weiner has caught his share, and in this feature, he outlines five of the best techniques for hooking steelhead in Alaska: Bobberdogging beads, side drifting aeropuffs, free drifting bobbers and jigs, pulling plugs, and chucking spinners and spoons.



Brenda Schwartz-Yeager: Adventure Guide, Artist, and Reluctant…Queen of the Stikine

by Terry W. Sheely

According to Sheely, “Brenda incorporates the instincts of a saltwater and freshwater fishing guide; a hunter’s eye for spotting, identifying and assessing wildlife; a naturalist’s curiosity for understanding what she’s looking at and then explaining it clearly and enthusiastically; and the talent and nuances of watercolor artist.” Brenda is an Alaskan Renaissance woman living in idyllic Wrangell, operating Alaska Charters and Adventures with her husband, John Yeager.



Targeting Chums

by JD Richey

Plentiful. Tackle busting. Eager to bite, and ready to fight! Numerous from Southeast to the Bering Sea, what’s not to like? Often maligned as table fare, bright chums are actually pretty good. Chums are not as prized as the richer-flavored kings, silvers, and sockeyes, but you can catch them in a variety of ways on a variety of gear, and they do fight hard. Chums might well be responsible for more broken rods than any of the other species. JD Richey provides a written clinic on chasing chums in Alaska in this article.



Maizie’s First Time Flyfishing: The Alaska Wildland Way

by Melissa Norris

Fish Alaska Publisher Melissa Norris and her daughter, Maizie, spent two September days last fall flyfishing the upper Kenai for rainbow trout and Dolly Varden out of Kenai Riverside Lodge. This lodge is one of three that fall under the Alaska Wildland Adventures umbrella, and they delivered a wonderful, two-day, mother-daughter flyfishing experience.