January 2010 | 2010 Travel issue


Editor’s Creel 8 

Alaska Traveler 14 

Fishing for a Compliment 18 

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 22 

Salmon Sense 24 

Fish Alaska Boats 26 

Reading Rivers 28 

Fish Alaska Recipe 76 

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Final Drift 82

Fish Alaska Special

Valhalla, I am Coming!

by Troy Letherman 30

Wandering from legendary stream, to legendary river, FA editor Troy Letherman and publisher Marcus Weiner find that resting isn’t part of the picture when you’ve reached this Valhalla. 


Fish Alaska All Tackle: Backbouncing Phenomenon

by Scott Haugen

When an approach works this well on multiple fish species, in fresh or salt, it’s worth the time to study. Contributing editor Scott Haugen offers tips, tools and secrets of this exciting technique.

Fish Alaska Travel: Togiak River Lodge

by Marcus Weiner

With sharp guides and expert care of the catch, publishers Marcus Weiner and Melissa Norris find Togiak one of the best places to fill one’s larder for the winter.

Roads ’n Rods of Juneau

by Terry W. Sheely

Terry W. Sheely finds where that guy in the ditch may be a politician, cruise escapee, or an angler onto something good.

Floating for Kings

by René Limeres

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful images of René Limeres as he tells a tale of river floats, languid days, and big river kings.

Salmon Synergy

by Capt. Tat Tatterson

Learning from the past to protect the heritage that are the salmon of Alaska is part of the quest of Capt. T.A.“Tat” Tatterson IV. Here he presents the case for conservation of this most precious resource.

COVER/Marcus Weiner with a nice Talarik Creek rainbow. © Troy Letherman