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On The Cover
Sockeye salmon are abundant, exceptionally fun to catch and make for excellent table fare.
© Brian Woobank


Catching Chrome Sockeyes on Jigs: Unlocking the Mystery of Red Salmon by Marcus Weiner

If you’ve fished a lot in Alaska when chrome sockeye salmon are present, you’ve undoubtedly noticed they don’t bite as readily as other salmon species. But in the right kind of water, with the right lure/bait, and the right presentation, sockeye do bite. Zack and Jordan Larsen’s Togiak River Lodge was the backdrop for this sockeye soiree and multi-species bonanza for Fish Alaska Founder and Publisher Marcus Weiner.

Planning Your Dream Fishing Trip by Scott Haugen

Author Scott Haugen says, “A good fishing experience can occur anytime because you don’t need to catch lots of fish for that to take
place. But a great fishing trip takes planning. Success also requires you to ask yourself some key questions, then take the time to find
precise answers.” This article provides tremendous insight to help you plan your own Alaska dream fishing trip.

Wild Fish of the Alaska Peninsula—Wildman Lake Lodge by John Cleveland

Wildman Lake Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula was the scene of John Cleveland’s mid-summer multi-species angling adventure. The
lodge utilizes helicopters to visit places anglers flying in bush planes can’t land, and boats to reach prime runs on the lodge’s home
water, the Ocean River. John comments, “The fish, the scenery, the wildlife, and the people we share it with are the pigments that color
the canvas of an epic wilderness adventure like the one I was privileged to have experienced at Wildman Lake Lodge.”

Sockeye and Kings on the Nush’ by Melissa Norris

Melissa Norris and some of the Fish Alaska crew visited Nushagak River Adventures Lodge on July 7th, 2022 on a combination trip for sockeye and king salmon. With this year’s weak king run and much stronger sockeye run both past their respective peaks, fishing wasn’t red hot, but it was still good. The service and experience at Nushagak River Adventures Lodge was outstanding, as always.