August 2003 | Special Coho Issue


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Up River with Bobby


The Wog

by Rich Johnson

Pollywogs alive! Every color and what to do with ’em.

Surface Action

by Troy Letherman, Tony Weaver and Jake Jordan

Troy Letherman, Tony Weaver and Jake Jordan show you the silvery surface with this exclusive FA How-To.

Prospecting for Silver

by Jerry M. Wylie

Clearwater Coho

By Matt Hage

Shimmering coho await the knowledgeable flyfisher. Hone your skills here.Sizzling action on the cusp of winter right in the middle of interior Alaska’s richest silver return.

Firsts on the Talachulitna

By Melissa Norris

A flyfisher tackles several firsts on this famous Interior salmon producer.

Flying the Nush

By Joe J. Warren

The Nushagak River is the twentieth largest river in North America by volume. Here are some of her secrets.

The Best for Last

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. winds down the season with some spectacular coho fishing.


Fish Chatham Strait

By Terry W.Sheely

Surround yourself with the splendor that is sweetwater salmon fishing in this southeast Alaska gem.

COVER/ Swiftwater silver. © E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.