July 2006 | Silver Salmon Issue


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Alaska Traveler 10

Fishing for a Compliment 14

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Final Drift 82

An Alaskan Paradise 46

Lake Clark National Park and
Preserve is a time machine for anglers, with untouched streams, lots of fish, beautiful scenery, a rainforest, abundant wildlife and mountains. Just an hour by plane from Anchorage, this pristine wilderness can be yours.
by James Fraioli


Egg-Sucking Leech 

by Dave Kilhefner

Learn to speed-tie the go-to fly for Alaska fly anglers. Here’s how to have a good supply quick.

Cut Through Pinks for Silvers 

by Scott Haugen

Last issue Scott Haugen showed you how to catch pinks – now he gets to the bottom of things with these great techniques for silver salmon.

In the Shadow of a Giant 

by Mark Glassmaker

If the Kasilof River wasn’t within 15 miles of the better-known Kenai, it would be a world-class river in reputation as well. Guide Mark Glassmaker shares the skinny on this productive, less-crowded gem.

Cheechako: Soloing Katmai 

by Eric Gilmore

Don’t go boating alone. That’s the disclaimer. This author accepted the risks of being in wild Alaska by himself and planned for a year for this trip. Here is what he learned.

Alternative Paradise 

by Angelo Peluso

Angelo Peluso sneaks off to the Alaska Peninsula as often as he can to catch an endless variety of fish.

Lamont Albertson 

by Kathy Anderson

Associate publisher Kathy Anderson spent time discussing the future of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta fishery with this Renaissance man.

COVER / Silver on the fly. © Mark Glassmaker