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Seven Herb Crusted Halibut

Final Drift

Fish Alaska Special

Tyrants of the Lake

Lake trout are the fish to catch in Alaska’s myriad lakes. North to south, east to west, lake trout inhabit surprising places. Here’s how to fish for these lunkers summer, winter, spring and fall.

by Pudge Kleinkauf


Fish Alaska All-Tackle: King Salmon Plugs 

by Greg Brush

A comprehensive look at how to take your king plug-fishing to the next level.

Salmon Eggs 

by Andy Couch

Expert guide Andy Couch shows you exactly how to cure, tie and fish salmon eggs more effectively.

Fish Alaska Fly: Northern Pike on Plastic Flies 

by  G.B. Barnard IV

Can’t beat ’em for durability, these soft-bodied plastic flies improve your strike-to-landing ratio for big Alaskan pike.

Fish Alaska Travel: Brooks River 

by Tyson Radley O’Connell

The Brooks River and surrounding area offers travelers a complete Alaska experience. Join Tyson Radley O’Connell as he explores this southwest treasure of massive trout and famous bears.

Anvik River Lodge 

by Brian Minnick

On the mighty Yukon River there is a scenic wonderland of beautiful vistas and superb fishing. Brian Minnick takes us there for a remote Alaska experience.

Anchorage Angling 

by Jody Ellis-Knapp

In what other U.S. city can you be fishing for huge king salmon within minutes of landing at the international airport? Anchorage offers anglers not only a gateway to the rest of Alaska, but a tremendous selection of attractions and day trips that will satisfy every angler’s wish.

COVER / A lingcod prepares to take a hooked black rockfish. © Painting by Scott Thompson/