April 2004 | Big Water, Big Trout


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I lied to a fish.


The Multi-Rod Advantage 

by Scott Haugen

An exclusive Fish Alaska how-to for steelheaders with Scott Haugen.

Fish Galore from Baranof Island 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Beautiful Baranof Island is the backdrop for this nonstop fresh and saltwater fishing action.

Stoney River Lodge 

by Mo Tidemanis

Explore the unexplored and unexpected. Beyond the crowds you will find this wonderland of relaxing, getaway freshwater fishing.

Big Water, Big Trout 

by Marcus Weiner

Publisher Marcus Weiner takes you to the legendary Naknek River for some smokin’ rainbow fishing.

Alexander Archipelago 

by Greg Thomas

Awesome steelhead are the quarry and Greg Thomas has just that in mind on this journey through southeast Alaska’s big trout water.

The Yak Pak 

by Melissa Norris

Publisher Melissa Norris and a few good friends explore the fresh and saltwater surrounding Yakutat.

COVER/Showing off a bright steelhead in the light of a setting sun. © Scott Haugen