July 2009 | Southwest Alaska Variety


Editor’s Creel 6

Fishing for a Compliment 10

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 16

Richey’s Salmon Sense 20

Fish Alaska Boats 24

Reading Rivers 28

Fish Alaska Recipe 76

Advertiser Index 78

Final Drift 82

Fish Alaska Special

Test Tube 31

Pudge Kleinkauf and the crew from Fish Alaska float and fish their way through a variety of float tubes and pontoon boats. Here are their comments on 9 different craft.


Fish Alaska Travel: Newhalen Nirvana

by Ted Bryant

What better choice for a river trip than the beautiful Newhalen River in southwest Alaska? Join Ted Bryant as he finds a heaven for fisherfolk.

Exploring Exciting Egegik

by Scott Haugen

Egegik, where the Alaska Peninsula begins jutting into the sea, is the location of Becharof Lodge on the remote Egegik River. Scott Haugen finds out why this is such a special place.

Mother Nature’s Fireworks

by Kathy Anderson

Kathy Anderson is treated to dazzling displays of early July pyrotechnics on the Aniak River.

Fishing Fabulous Fairbanks

by Kevin Yokum

A golden and calming ease of river fishing in the “Golden Heart” of Alaska. Kevin Yokum takes you there.

River of Opportunity

by Greg Brush

A beginner’s guide to the wealth of fishing opportunities that await you on the famous Kenai River. Guide Greg Brush lets you in on the secrets of successful fishing for sockeye, king, pink, and silver salmon and even throws in trout for good measure!

COVER/Carlos LeKites with a big, bright king. © Chuck LeKites