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EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 22

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Fish Alaska Special

High IQ Baits

by Angelo Peluso 37

New, incredible technologies have produced plastics and scents that are capable of attracting Alaska’s sometimes finicky fish. Angelo Peluso discusses the advantages of these high IQ baits


Fish Alaska All Tackle: Alaska’s Top Salmon Lures

by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen spent a lot of time asking the question: What’s your favorite salmon lure? He asked the general public, he queried on Facebook, he worked the sportsman shows always asking the same question. Here are the results, plus his favorites that will put salmon on the end of your line.

Tricked-Out Spinners

by Terry Sheely

Dots, smile blades, beads and more help turn tough silvers into biters. Terry Sheely shows you how to work this magic to produce better strikes with more bling!

Fish Alaska Technique: Advanced Spinner Techniques

by JD Richey

Ok, now you’ve notched up the lures – so how do you fish that gangly thing? JD Richey takes you to river and estuary and gets the “swing on” some fabulous fish.

Fish Alaska Travel: Mythbusting Kenai Kings

by Greg Brush

One of the most fabled rivers in the world is surrounded by a load of myths. Join Greg Brush as he busts these untruths and brings some very interesting facts to light.

COVER/A sampling of effective salmon hardware. Photo © Wayne Norris