July 2002 | Southcentral Salmon and Triple-Digit Halibut


Publishers’ Note 6

Editor’s Creel 8

Alaska Fishing News 10

Fishing for a Compliment 12

Gear Review 14

Short rods for big fish.

Inside Alaska Angling 66

Q&A with Senator Frank Murkowski.

Pro Pointer 72

Circle hooks for halibut.

Featured Fish Recipe 76

Sheraton’s Phyllo Salmon.

The Final Drift 82


The Right Stuff 

By Ron Gillham 

A FA do-it-yourself guide to Cook Inlet halibut. 

Tying the Deep Sixty 

By Tony Weaver 

Flyfishing for halibut? No! Really? Yes, really! 

Six+ Hotspotsfor Triple-Digit Halibut 

By John Beath 

The best places in the state to land a colossus hippoglossus. 

Halibut by Storm 

By Dave Strege 

Searching for adventure? Try fishing for these diamonds in the rough, real rough . . . – 

The Tal 

By J.D. Richey 

Pull out your “Lewis & Clark” gene. This river adventure and thousands of fish await. – 

The Wild and Scenic Gulkana River 

By Larry Bartlett 

Fish like there maybe no tomorrow, the trials and tribulations of one of Alaska’s most accessible (and beautiful) rivers. 


Fish Dutch Harbor 

by Pete Hardy 

“Halibut Guru” Pete Hardy takes you to the far-flung western end of Alaska for some record halibut fishing.