July 2018



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July 2018
Salmon Solstice

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Targeting Sockeye
by Conor Sullivan 42

In our first sockeye-centric feature in this issue, 
Conor Sullivan provides another take on Alaska’s prolific sockeye salmon sport fisheries, including 
tips on how to find them, what to use, and how to catch them.

Kenai Sockeye Wisdom
by Dennis Randa 50

Kenai river sockeye are a consistent bright spot in Alaska’s angling calendar. Kenai- and Kasilof River guide Dennis Randa gives you the scoop on Kenai River reds, and answers the Where, What, When, Why and How questions.

The Nush You Never Met
by Terry W. Sheely 62

Everyone has heard about the famous Nush Push of Chinook, but many are unaware of the world-class fishing for other species available on the Nushagak. The ‘other’ Nush, the non-famous one, appears in public about the third week in July. Silvers, pinks, northern pike, rainbows, char and grayling all abound.

by George Krumm 74

Arguably the hottest salmon technique on the west coast right now, Pro-Trollin’ with “360 flashers” trailed by small spinners or Super Baits will surely give you more chances to put fish in the box. Editor George Krumm tells you all about it.

Coho Fishing: The Alaskan Dream
by Terry J. Wiest 86

Silver salmon are many people’s favorite, and for good reason. They’re reasonably plentiful, willing biters, great fighters and excellent table fare. Terry Wiest shares information on fishing for silvers in both the saltchuck and in rivers.

COVER / Andrew Gebert with a nice Kenai River sockeye. © Steve Gebert

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