June 2016 | Once More Into the Salt

June 2016 Issue


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Fresh Ideas for Trolling
by Conor Sullivan 46

The intricacies of salmon trolling have been well-documented, but here Conor Sullivan offers a few techniques adapted from blue-water angling that might help you put a few more in the boat.

5 Halibut Hotspots
by JD Richey 48

The deep-dwelling and undeniably delicious Pacific halibut is always a favorite target for Alaska saltwater anglers. Here we detail five must-fish destinations for fat flatfish in 2016.

Yakobi Island & Cross Sound
by Bjorn Dihle 60

Located near the small fishing communities of Elfin Cove and Pelican, Cross Sound borders the big ocean that stretches uninterrupted, hundreds of miles, all the way to Kodiak. Visit through this feature, decades in the making, from Bjorn Dihle—and then visit for real this summer.

Smokehouse 102
by George Krumm 70

You’ll spend all summer bagging salmon, so why not take their culinary appeal up a notch? Here George Krumm lays out his favored methods for smoking your catch.

Do-It-Yourself Homer Halibut
by David Bayes 80

Homer, Alaska, is one of the state’s best known ports for anglers headed to the saltwater bounty of Kachemak Bay and beyond. Inside this feature we give you a local’s take on getting it done on your own.

by Terry W. Sheely 88

Fish built this town and now fish are what’s likely to bring it back. New Pelican is banking on salmon salvation and reinventing itself as a hot sport-fishing destination, and after visiting, contributing editor Terry Sheely wholeheartedly agrees.

Tale of the Salty Salmon
by Andrew Cremata 98

Targeting salmon in saltwater from the shore is not an exact science, but with good timing, targeting saltwater shore salmon is productive.

COVER / DeepStrike Sportfishing Captain David Bayes filleting a nice Homer halibut. © Hastings A. Franks