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On The Cover

The Annual Gear Guide edition of Fish Alaska showcases the best gear we tested last season and the new goods coming out this year. © Melissa Norris



2022 Editors’ Choice Awards by Fish Alaska Staff

Fish Alaska editors test gear throughout the year in a variety of fisheries to identify the cream of the crop in a wide range of categories including: Rods and Reels; Tackle; Line; Field Accessories; Watercraft and Accessories; Waders, Wading Jackets and Boots; Apparel: Jackets; Apparel: Bottoms; Apparel: Layering; Apparel: Accessories; Apparel: Footwear; Polarized Sunglasses; Kids’ Gear; Storage, Coolers and Containers; Luggage, Packs and Cases; Camping; Cooking; Knives and Cutting Tools. If you’re in the market for items in these categories, be sure to review this year’s Editors’ Choice Awards before you buy.



2022 New Gear

by Fish Alaska Staff

Every year, a wide variety of new products are launched. We’ve gathered information on some of the most promising new products to hit the market in the last several months and some that will be available soon. Some of these will likely garner ECAs in next year’s gear review issue. Be sure to check them out!



2022 Retailers’ Choice Awards

by Fish Alaska Staff

Alaska retailers know what Alaska angling demands, and what Alaska anglers need and want. As such, their recommendations based on sales data and other factors carry a lot of weight. See their best picks for the year here.



Catch-and-Release: The Good,

The Bad, And the Ugly

by Jim McCann

Everyone knows that the practice of catch-and-release contributes to sustainable fisheries. However, there’s more to it than grabbing that fish around the midsection (with dry hands, no less), yanking the hook out, and tossing it unceremoniously back into the water. For catch-and-release to really work, we need to do it right. Jim provides some tips to consider if your goal is for that released fish to survive.