May 2017


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May 2017
Kings of Alaska!

Fish Alaska Magazine May 2017


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Southeast Hot Spots for Kings
by Terry W. Sheely 34

The 500 miles between Cape Chacon on the southern tip of Prince of Wales north to Cape Suckling at Yakutat encompass a vast complex of fertile king salmon water. Terry Sheely guides us through it all, noting the peak-producing waters for Alaska kings this year.  

Casting Plugs for Kings
by JD Richey 42 

It started as a quick-fix to get a few pesky slow-water kings to bite but now JD Richey has found kings all across Alaska very receptive to plugs cast-and-retrieved. In this feature he explains how to do it and where. 

Caring for your Catch
by Conor Sullivan 48

Alaska is blessed with the best seafood in the world, but with this gift comes responsibility. Once the decision to harvest a fish has been made, you owe it to both yourself and the fish to take the proper steps to ensure its peak freshness. The process starts the moment the fish is hooked, and each subsequent step is thoroughly discussed in this handy feature. 

Saltwater Rod & Reel Maintenance
by George Dennis 56

Saltwater anglers can spend a substantial amount of hard-earned money on rods, reels and exotic fishing line, but surprisingly, very few anglers give the attention they need to their equipment to keep it in tip-top shape. Here saltwater skipper George Dennis relays some good habits he’s developed to help extend the life of rods and reelson his charter boat.

Destination Fairbanks
by Troy Letherman 60

Overshadowed by the famous coastal fisheries, Alaska’s Interior doesn’t always get the attention it deserves within the sport-fishing realm. But as visitors to Fairbanks already know, the Interior offers some fine fishing adventures as well, some of which might suit your style perfectly. Read here to learn about it all.  

Alaska’s Kings
by Marcus Weiner 72

Fish Alaska Publisher Marcus Weiner presents a comprehensive primer on Alaska’s top king fisheries, including when to go to ensure the best chance at taking down a big, bright Alaska king salmon. 

Totally Tubular for Kings
by Mike Lunde 86

With modern materials opening up new worlds for fly-tiers, Mike Lunde walks us through the range of tube flies that are proving effective for Chinook salmon. 


COVER / Captain Chad Matthews of O’Fish’ial Charters and his son Austin caught this notable winter king from Homer. © O’Fish’ial Charters

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