October / November  2005 | Freshwater Species Variety Edition


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 12

Book Review 14

Fishing for a Compliment 16

Advertiser Index 76

Fish Recipe 78

Baked Scallop Zonkers

Final Drift 82

Fish Alaska Special Section

Afognak Island 62

The best-kept secret in the Kodiak Island system, Afognak Island sits just north of the main island, but its
sheltered coastline is home to some tremendous freshwater and certainly hot saltwater adventures.

by René Limeres


Make a Travel Lanyard-Tacklebox 

by Dave Kilhefner

When a PFD is mandatory, wearing a fishing vest is impossible. Here’s an easy solution that’s also a great
project to do with kids.

Choosing the Right Boat 

by Marcus Weiner

Publisher Marcus Weiner takes you through the pros and cons of finding the right watercraft for your fishing adventures.

The Art of Fishing Spinners 

by Chris Schaffer

From trout to salmon, here are some spinners that are very effective in both fresh and salt water.

Great Northern Pike 

by Jerry M. Wylie

Not everyone’s cup of tea, the ferocious northern pike of Alaska will gulp down most everything, even this author’s reluctance to fish for them.

Tributary Rainbows of the Talachulitna 

by Mo Tidemanis

Mo Tidemanis skirts the famous Talachulitna River in search of beautiful rainbows and the occasional king salmon.

A Season of Trout 

by editor Troy Letherman

A stunning portrait of the beautiful rainbows of Alaska.

Feathers & Ice 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Fly-fishing glacier run-off? You bet! The action is fast and furious when E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. rigs up in this unlikely scenario.

COVER / A rainbow falls for a flesh fly. © Troy Letherman