October / November 2013 | Ice Fishing Special

October 2013


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Ideas for making your anglers smile this holiday season.


Ice Fishing the Frozen Far North

by Paul D. Atkins 

Ice fishing for sheefish? Why not? Get out on the frozen water of Alaska’s Far North this spring and encounter one of the Arctic’s signature gamefish. Here’s how.

An Element with an Edge: Turning Toward Tungsten

by Jason Durham 

Still fishing old-school lead jigs? Here veteran guide and ice angler Jason Durham explains why you should consider making the switch to tungsten this winter, improving your efficiency—and your catch rates. 

Productive Winter Pike Strategies

by Tom Gruenwald 

Learn when, where and how to track down Alaska’s toothiest freshwater fish, as master ice angler Tom Gruenwald explains some of the best applications for today’s hardwater pike fishermen.

A Wish to Fish

by Butch and Jehnifer Ehmann 

For this young angler, ice fishing in Alaska represented a lifelong dream, and with the help of our authors, that dream became a fish-filled reality. Some compliant burbot, lake trout and a fortuitous Aurora display helped, too. 

Fishing the Big Three

by Dennis Musgraves 

Just a short trip down the Richardson Highway from Fairbanks sit a trio of hot ice-fishing destinations: Harding, Birch and Quartz lakes. Alaskan angler Dennis Musgraves details when, and how, to approach each.