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Tag: Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay

Return to Naknek Lady Fishing Guides Name of guide service/lodge: Bear Trail Lodge Number of years guiding Total: 3 Number of years guiding on the Naknek: 3 How did you first get started fishing? What

Return to Naknek Lady Fishng Guides Name of guide service/lodge: Frigate Adventure Travel Number of years guiding: 9 in Alaska, 5 in Oregon guiding Steelhead Number of years guiding on the Naknek: 9

Return to Naknek Lady Fishing Guides Name of guide service/lodge: Blue Fly Guide Services & B&B Number of years guiding: 21 Number of years guiding on the Naknek: 18 Species guided for: All 5 species of salmon, char, grayling and of course the reason I have made this my home, the rainbow trout. How did you first […]

Return to Naknek Lady Fishing Guides Name of guide service/lodge: Bear Trail Lodge Number of years guiding:32 Number of years guiding on the Naknek:30 Species guided for: Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden

  by Melissa Norris Nowhere is sport fishing more common among women than in Alaska, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are also some well-known, successful female fishing guides in our great

Article by Troy Letherman In late September in southwest Alaska, the trees and tundra swap summer green for the polychromatic brocade of fall; the skies darken and low-handing clouds promise rain that might not end for days, the rivers swell, the wind whips and the bears venture out in force, scavenging for one last meal before […]

Packrafting the Goodsnews By Larry Bartlett There’s nothing that gets the season started better than an epic adventure in southwest Alaska, home to some of Alaska’s most prolific fisheries, locate

A Journey to Wood-Tikchik By Dave Atcheson As the floatplane ascends and banks, wings waving in farewell, I try to ignore the slight pang of uneasiness that wells up. It’s the realization of being truly alone, left to your own devices, in a wilderness worthy of Jack London, a completely uninhabited land that literally spans […]

Moraine Creek Strategies By Larry Tullis Wading chest deep across the swift, clear current spooked numerous big rainbows, but I didn’t dare backup. The big brown bear was now just a couple rod-lengt

By Marcus Weiner After nearly 15 years spent traipsing around Alaska, we find ourselves coming back to places where the fishing was hot, the guides exceptional and the lodges top-notch. Such is defini

By Troy Leatherman Three clearwater braids forked from the silty main channel, dissecting an extended gravel plateau left uncovered ever since the higher flows of early summer. Upstream, on the farthest bank, just beyond a sweeping outside bend, a young brown bear rooted around the alder in the search for something to eat. Downstream, the […]

By E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.  I’m standing beside an unnamed creek that rises in the foothills of the Alaska Range and runs across a few miles of rolling tundra before emptying into one of the Bristol

Chasing Kvichak Rainbows By Marcus Weiner  I light up a cigar, and not your run-of-the-mill, dollar-store stogie, but rather a high-end, dark-wrapped import that lasts an hour and promises both bad b

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