Trophy King Techniques

Shallow, fast-moving rivers with select pocket-water typify many of Alaska's king salmon streams. And when it comes to king salmon techniques for Alaska, the water commonly dictates the approach anglers will use. Story Read More...

Trophy King Techniques2018-09-26T11:59:04-08:00

Choosing a Saltwater Boat

What to consider when buying a saltwater boat in Alaska by Marcus Weiner Saltwater boats for the Alaska angler come in several shapes and many sizes, ranging from the high-end luxury cabin cruiser Read More...

Choosing a Saltwater Boat2017-10-10T09:38:22-08:00

Cut Through Pinks for Silvers

Cut through Pinks: A Fish Alaska How-to Story and photo by Scott Haugen Tolerating pink salmon while targeting prized silvers can be a frustrating experience. Here's how to beat the pinks and land more Read More...

Cut Through Pinks for Silvers2018-10-14T20:37:24-08:00

Spey to Play

Alaska's Kings and the Two-Handed Rod Story By Troy Letherman Searching for clemency from a winter spent locked away from the stream, many of Alaska's fly anglers look to kings. The first returnees Read More...

Spey to Play2018-08-20T13:24:16-08:00

Fish Alaska All-Tackle Center Pinning

Story and Photos by Terry W. Sheely The Jig 'n Bobber Technique that nails salmon & steelhead where other anglers can't reach At its techie heart is a precision, free-spinning specialty reel that Read More...

Fish Alaska All-Tackle Center Pinning2018-08-20T16:22:02-08:00

Sample Subscriber Article

Tying Your Own Leaders for Fall Fishing Success By Troy Letherman For Alaska fly anglers, proper leader construction is of fundamental concern when preparing to fish for our primary fall species: steelhead, trophy char, Read More...

Sample Subscriber Article2017-10-10T13:53:37-08:00

A Patch In Time

Alaska's remote rivers are just that: remote. In many cases, floating the rivers on extended trips is the only way to access the untold number of delights these wild and scenic waterways hold Read More...

A Patch In Time2018-09-27T12:04:09-08:00


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