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king salmon

The Kings of Kodiak By Troy Letherman It’s cool in the shadows of Kodiak twilight,calendar be damned, but having settled on fleece rather than Gore-Tex—constant shilly-shallying between rain and sun had marked the day’s atmospheric conditions—I’m at last free to enjoy a little late-night stroll without fear of soaking through again before returning to my tent. […]

Bristol Bay King Salmon Fishing: Story and photo by Marcus Weiner My fishing partner and I have spent the last three hours hooking one chrome sockeye salmon after another, landing one in five and reli

The Mighty King by Melissa Norris I love to eat king salmon. It’s some of the finest fare around when handled properly, spiced nicely and cooked perfectly. That’s why it was sad when, afte

Mythbusting: Kenai River Kings Story and Photos by Greg Brush The popular Discovery Channel series MythBusters is built on a simple but fascinating premise: what is often widely accepted as common knowledge can be quite far from the truth. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at a handful of commonly accepted Kenai […]

Once & Again: The Kenai by Troy Letherman If there’s such a thing as insistence from flowing water, then the Kenai River insists we pay attention. One of the most famous salmon and trout fisheri

By Troy Letherman Set against a carrot-colored dawn, snappish morning air pulls fog from the river, punctuating an angler’s silence: less babble than burble, current breaking over boulders and gravel bars and lapping against the boat, oars at work. The labor is rhythmic—lift the weight, set it down. Lift. Drop. Back-bouncing through one hole, then […]

Longtime Fish Alaska contributing editor and columnist, and noted Kenai and Kasilof river guide Greg Brush penned this from-the-heart-and-brain post on the conservation of Kenai River kings. Greg̵

Blog Post by Scott Haugen This blog post comes to us from Fish Alaska contributing editor Scott Haugen, whose many books on angling techniques and tactics are available through his website.  When

Blog Post by Scott Haugen The following blog post comes to us from Fish Alaska contributing editor and noted angler Scott Haugen, whose many books are available through his website. If humans had as strong a sense of smell as salmon, life would not be pretty.  Being able to detect odors measured in parts per […]

A flurry of fishing in Ketchikan By Marcus Weiner Eagles wheel overhead and dive for fish scraps. Seaplanes taxi and take off, while cruise ships and their bounty of tourists tour the Inside Passage.

King Salmon The name alone commands respect: King! But call it Chinook, tyee, blackmouth or any other, there is no doubt that it is the biggest and baddest of all salmon! And at the top of this list i

Story by Marcus Weiner “I left at about noon for some trolling at one of my hotspots; had one on but never did see it,” writes Captain Jeff Peterson in his May 11, 2011, fishing report. “I put another herring on and about an hour later I pulled the downrigger up and released the line […]
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