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king salmon

Recipe by Chef Drew Johnson, Kincaid Grill  Grilled Alaskan King Salmon Serves 4 4-6 oz. portions Alaska red salmon fillets Salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsp olive oil For the salmon: Preheat your favorite outdoor grill. I prefer charcoal. Pat the salmon dry and season with salt and pepper. Rub the salmon with a […]

by Melissa Norris Right now, despite the non-summer chill in the air, you can drop everything you are doing, pack your Xtratufs, Grundéns and perhaps some lunch, and then head down the Sterling Highw

Royalty Abounds in this Breeding Ground of King By Marcus Weiner My fishing partner andI have spent the last three hours hooking one chrome sockeye after another, landing one in five and relishing the hot, crystal-clear June day that promises endless sunlight and a non-stop procession of fighting-mad red salmon. After each one is hooked, […]

Alaska Fall Fishing Trips Fish Alaska magazine Editor Troy Letherman describes seven world-class trips to take this September. As autumn matures, days get shorter and termination dust settles atop mos

Trolling spinners is definitely not at the top of most anglers’ lists when they think of methods for fishing for Alaska’s king salmon. Largely overlooked, spinners can be used in a trolling application in saltwater and tidal estuary (bays and tidewater) fisheries with good success. Rigging and fishing spinners in these areas is a pretty […]

King Salmon The least abundant of the five species of North America’s Pacific salmon—albeit also the largest—the Chinook salmon range south from near Point Hope just north of Kotzebue Sound to t

Prime Time for Southeast Kings Story and photos by Terry W. Sheely There may be better places to catch king salmon than Southeast, but not as consistently, not from May into September, and not in so many 
diverse arenas. Evidence the king of Southeast Chinook, a 126 1/2-pound behemoth reigning from a humble display inside […]
by Terry Sheely “We’ve got some of the best red and silver fisheries anywhere, and the trout fishing is outstanding. Once people get past missing the kings they’ll discover that this river is filled with alternative fish.” -Mark Glassmaker, guide. The Kenai River flows west from dripping crevasses in the crags and mountain steeples above […]

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Story & Photos by  Greg Brush The long faces in my boat told the story quite clearly: disappointment had set in, attitudes were faltering and my guests were m

Togiak River Lodge Story  by Marcus Weiner King and silver salmon fishing are the primary draws on the Togiak The sharp knife lays open the flesh of the fresh Chinook. Its chrome sides still laden wi

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