Bristol Bay Contest

In celebration of the most recent safeguards for wild fish and critical fish habitat in Bristol Bay, Fish Alaska, Trout Unlimited and Bristol Adventures have teamed Read More...

Bristol Bay Contest2023-03-23T20:04:06-08:00

Personal Satellite Communication Devices

Written by Marcus Weiner Over the last 25 years, I’ve travelled in the backcountry of Alaska, well beyond the reach of cellular service. In Alaska, there are far more places where you Read More...

Personal Satellite Communication Devices2023-03-16T12:06:09-08:00

Editors’ Choice Awards 2023

For the last year we have been fishing throughout Alaska using many different disciplines, hiking across the Great Land in search of fish and game, camping in the wild amid amazing scenic Read More...

Editors’ Choice Awards 20232023-03-01T07:10:54-09:00

The Lodge at 58° North

The Lodge at 58° North By Melissa Norris Photos provided by The Lodge at 58° North The magnitude of this undertaking was not totally clear to Kate and Justin Crump until it Read More...

The Lodge at 58° North2023-01-04T13:54:28-09:00

Nature Knows Best

Nature Knows Best: Stream restoration recreates natural features found in healthy salmon streams Story by Marian Giannulis Photos by Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition A remote salmon stream in the Tongass National Forest, Read More...

Nature Knows Best2022-11-21T17:45:23-09:00

Alaska Fishing Jobs

Alaska fishing jobs are varied and as diverse as the fisheries in the Greatland. In the remote lodge business across Alaska, guides, chefs, pilots, maintenance staff, hospitality workers, and managers are all Read More...

Alaska Fishing Jobs2022-04-08T07:30:51-08:00

Gear Bag October/November 2021

In every issue of Fish Alaska we feature products from around the industry in the Gear Bag, please take a look at this issue's featured products. Appanage Fishing Scent Striker appanagefishing.com Scent Read More...

Gear Bag October/November 20212021-11-05T11:50:53-08:00

Alaska Salmon Potato Breakfast Hash with Dill Cream

Alaska Salmon Potato Breakfast Hash with Dill Cream Provided by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Serves 2 This salmon breakfast hash is a great way to get salmon into your breakfast. This makes a Read More...

Alaska Salmon Potato Breakfast Hash with Dill Cream2021-09-27T14:30:01-08:00

Tipping Fishing Guides

How to Tip Fishing Guides and Other Industry Service Providersby Melissa Norris I have often been asked about tipping fishing guides and the other service providers who make up the sportfishing industry—Captains, deckhands, Read More...

Tipping Fishing Guides2021-07-21T14:13:27-08:00

Valentine’s Day Gifts

5 Gifts for your Alaskan Valentine by Melissa Norris If you are lucky enough to be in love this Valentine’s Day then you are probably wondering “What is it my Frontiersman wants most?” Read More...

Valentine’s Day Gifts2021-02-07T22:28:23-09:00

Work Sharp Tools Giveaway

Enter the form below to enter to win FREE Work Sharp Tools!

Work Sharp Tools Giveaway2019-12-12T16:28:30-09:00

African Safari Giveaway!

Enter to win a 5-day, 1x1 Hunt in Limpopo, South Africa with a trophy credit of $1,000.00. Airfare is not included. Terms and conditions apply. See below for the official rules and conditions. Read More...

African Safari Giveaway!2019-08-15T15:16:37-08:00


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