2015 New Gear

New Year, new gear…is there anything better? 

Not for a lot of us–and specifically, all of us her at Fish Alaska, where the new catalogs and hot-off-the-presses product pitch sheets and other first gear glimpses have been rolling in for months, making us long for the green riverbanks and flowing water of spring. Getting a chance to try out the latest and greatest is a thrill for any angler, as we all enjoy adding to our equipment collections, but this time of year can be just as much fun, looking through all the write-ups and scanning the images and daydreaming about those first few casts of the new season. 

To be certain, it isn’t east to cull the list of new products we feature; in fact, if some of us had our way, this section would stretch for far more pages than space allows. However, what you see in the pages that follow are the best possible new releases for Alaska anglers that we could find, after much deliberation, a lot of back-and-forth and of course plenty of daydreams. If it fit in our best hopes for fishing the Great Land in 2015, then, it’s in here. 

If you are interested in having this information in hard copy, you can check out our March issue here, which features all this information in print!