Talarik Creek Lodge: Hunting for Trophy Rainbow Trout

Article and Photos by Erik Salitan of Talarik Creek Lodge "Fish On!” I yelled out. My 11-year-old son, Lucas, immediately shouted back from across the hole, “Is it a rainbow?”   I answered Read More...

Talarik Creek Lodge: Hunting for Trophy Rainbow Trout2022-01-12T12:06:42-09:00

192 Years of Trout Secrets

Tips and observations from some of the top guides and anglers on the Kenai River Mike Brown, Fly Shop Owner Mossy’s Fly Shop Email: mbrown@mossysflyshop.com Number of years on the Kenai: 25 years The Kenai Read More...

192 Years of Trout Secrets2018-04-19T09:28:35-08:00

Flies & Techniques for Alaska’s Fall Trout

by Troy Letherman The hallmark of fishing for rainbow trout in the Last Frontier lies in the species’ highly migratory nature—and in their reliance on the life cycle of the Pacific salmon for food. However, Read More...

Flies & Techniques for Alaska’s Fall Trout2017-11-29T09:09:43-09:00

Rainbows At Denali

I know what you are thinking— that there are no rainbows in Denali because it’s just too cold for them to survive there. Well, that’s what I thought too, until I encountered the rainbow king of Read More...

Rainbows At Denali2018-09-26T11:46:16-08:00

Nymphing Techniques for Alaska Steelhead

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.  Still, cool and humid beneath an overcast sky, the air smelled faintly of the nearby sea. The absence of direct sunlight overhead represented both good and bad news. Read More...

Nymphing Techniques for Alaska Steelhead2018-01-08T10:46:28-09:00

Early-Season Rainbows

When exploring angling techniques one common-enough principle is to take an idea from one region and apply it to another. Such is the case when comparing Alaska with the famous, blue-ribbon trout locales Read More...

Early-Season Rainbows2018-09-27T15:45:05-08:00

Hot Days and Cold Nights on the Karluk

Karluk River steelhead and steelhead fishing in general is an addiction for many, a way of life, and the path to either enlightenment or utter despair. For the true steelhead junky, thosethousand-cast days Read More...

Hot Days and Cold Nights on the Karluk2018-09-27T14:40:23-08:00

Spey and Switch Techniques for Trout

by Fred Telleen I remember watching Sage Fly Rod representative George Cook some years ago, bombing casts across the Kenai. While the casting was impressive, I did not see the need for that Read More...

Spey and Switch Techniques for Trout2018-01-08T11:37:33-09:00

Beaded Steelhead Jigs

When fished side by side, beaded steelhead jigs will out produce jigs without beads. How do I know this? For the past several years, I’ve tested this theory by fishing side by side Read More...

Beaded Steelhead Jigs2018-09-25T12:51:44-08:00


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