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June 2023 Gear Bag

Gear for fishing recommended by the Editors and expert anglers at Fish Alaska magazine. All things considered, these items are some of our current favorite gear. Sleeping bags, waders, fishing nets as Read More...

June 2023 Gear Bag2023-06-01T09:03:05-08:00

May 2023 Gear Bag

New fishing gear is one of the exciting parts of getting ready for an upcoming fishing season. After waiting all winter, it's finally time to start getting ready. The May 2023 Gear Read More...

May 2023 Gear Bag2023-05-01T09:20:12-08:00

Personal Satellite Communication Devices

Written by Marcus Weiner Over the last 25 years, I’ve travelled in the backcountry of Alaska, well beyond the reach of cellular service. In Alaska, there are far more places where you Read More...

Personal Satellite Communication Devices2023-04-07T10:29:53-08:00

February 2023 Gear Bag

Fishing Gear Bag Having just the right fishing gear to tackle Alaska's waters is really important. The team at Fish Alaska has decades of experience and are excited to share what's new Read More...

February 2023 Gear Bag2023-03-27T11:23:10-08:00

July 2022 Gear Bag

Blue Fox Pixee rapala.com The Blue Fox Pixee has been a staple salmon lure for anglers in Alaska for decades. It is made to cast long distances, allowing anglers to cover a Read More...

July 2022 Gear Bag2022-07-01T08:42:27-08:00

June 2022 Gear Bag

Three Bears Alaska Grizzly Tech Dry Bags threebearsalaska.com These dry bags come in a range of sizes and options including duffels, dry bags and dry packs. Features include an airtight waterproof zipper on Read More...

June 2022 Gear Bag2022-06-03T09:14:55-08:00

January 2022 Gear Bag

In the January 2022 Gear bag we at Fish Alaska are going to look at some great products for the recreational shellfish angler, including a boat, cooler and even a cookstove to cook Read More...

January 2022 Gear Bag2021-12-27T13:24:33-09:00

Jason Rivers: Tying, Unconventionally

Aside from doling out hours to the fly-tying vise, Jason Rivers manages a small conglomerate of fishing and tackle operations.

Jason Rivers: Tying, Unconventionally2021-08-04T09:43:19-08:00

George Krumm: Behind the Vice

Krumm’s stillwater forte was particularly intriguing, not just because he has racked up an impressive resume of big fish using nothing but his wits, his flies, and his float tube..

George Krumm: Behind the Vice2021-06-30T11:14:18-08:00

Best Kids Gear for Alaska’s Outdoor Families: Plus a Few Tips

https://youtu.be/zVk5ezj-06g by Melissa Norris and Nelli Williams Best kids boots, coats, rainwear, waders and more as rated by the creators of Fish Alaska magazine. Two Alaska Moms offer their sage advice as industry Read More...

Best Kids Gear for Alaska’s Outdoor Families: Plus a Few Tips2021-06-22T12:45:02-08:00

Bamboo Fly Rods: Fish Beautifully

Bamboo Fly Rods blog by Jon LymanPhotos courtesy of Jon Lyman A bamboo fly rod is an heirloom to pass down generationally. With 20 years of Alaska experience building and fishing Read More...

Bamboo Fly Rods: Fish Beautifully2021-05-28T12:43:32-08:00

Evolving with Ryan Sorsdahl: Behind the Vice

Anchorage-based tyer Ryan Sorsdahl abides by one guiding rule at the bench: "Pretty fish deserve pretty flies". Not only are his creations downright gorgeous, they're almost absurdly effective. Learn more about his business, Bigfoot Custom Fly, and some of his signature patterns in the June edition of "Behind the Vice."

Evolving with Ryan Sorsdahl: Behind the Vice2021-05-28T12:22:25-08:00

Layering Tips for Fishing in Alaska

Layering Tips Blog and Photos by Nick Ohlrich My second skin. I wear this base/mid-layer combo every day and hope to tangle with fish like this at the same frequency. Tips Read More...

Layering Tips for Fishing in Alaska2021-04-14T12:47:51-08:00

Scent Striker by Appanage Fishing

Scent Striker by Appanage Fishing is an Alaskan company formed in 2016. They debuted their Scent Striker product to the fishing community in November 2019.

Scent Striker by Appanage Fishing2021-02-05T08:52:22-09:00

Optimus 360

With the Optimus 360, boaters can rest assured that the ease of navigating in tight and busy areas will bring a sense of relief.

Optimus 3602020-12-21T10:49:00-09:00


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