With the holidays fast approaching, the theme of this December 2022 Gear Bag column is “Stocking Stuffers.”

December 2022 Gear Bag

Ahi USA Live Deception Flash Jigs
Stay versatile with the new Bonita pattern Live Deception Flash Jig. Each realistic baitfish pattern of the Live Deception Jigs is now enhanced by a highly reflective finish which emulates flashy fish scales. This new key feature gives gamefish something extra to home in on and sets these jigs apart from the rest. The wire-through-body design allows you to confidently cast even the smaller jigs at larger gamefish. Jigs are available in six different sizes for both freshwater and saltwater applications. You can bounce these jigs along the bottom for bottomfish, jig them at various depths for salmon, and in freshwater for species like lake trout, rainbow trout, and char.

December 2022 Gear Bag

P-Line Diamond Jig
The P-Line Diamond Jig is an excellent choice when jigging for bottomfish and salmon. It can be used to catch halibut, Pacific cod, rockfish, and lingcod, in addition to coho, chum, pink and king salmon. It is available in a holographic chrome finish in 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-ounce models. P-Line makes several styles of jigs designed for vertical jigging that will catch many of Alaska’s saltwater species.

December 2022 Gear Bag
December 2022 Gear Bag
December 2022 Gear Bag

Sampo Corkscrew Snap Swivel
The Sampo Corkscrew Snap Swivel features the company’s high-quality, American-made, ball-bearing swivel and a Rosco Corkscrew Snap. It is perfect for big game such as halibut and big lingcod, with ratings from 100- to 200-pound-test. They are available in three sizes and in nickel- or black finish, and in choices of either 2- or 12 swivels per bag.

VMC TechSet Siwash  Open Eye Hook
This is a good solution for use on spoons or spinners that don’t use split rings. For those spinners or spoons that come with factory trebles, or inferior single hooks, cut that off and replace with a better hook. The VMC TechSet curve has been designed to improve hooksets and keep fish on the line. It comes in sizes from 2 to 8/0. It’s 2x strong, is forged from high-carbon steel, has an offset needle point and large, open eye. The short-shank, wide-gap hook is well suited for many species of Alaska gamefish.

Daiwa J-Braid x4 Multi Color
The all-new J-Braid x4 Multi Color introduces a metering feature—line colored in orange, blue, pink, green and purple in 10-meter increments. Each 10-meter color has 1-meter indicators (colored yellow-black-yellow) and a 5-meter indicator (colored yellow-red-yellow). This allows for simple, visual line-length assessments when dropping deep or on the troll. Catch a fish, recognize the line metering, and you can immediately get back to that distance or depth. Or, if while jigging you see a salmon on the fish finder at 100 feet, you can simply let out three colors (30 meters) of line and you’ll be close to that fish. Be more successful fishing by eliminating the guesswork. J-Braid x4 Multi Color comes in 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50- and 65-pound-test and in 330-yard, 550-yard (50-, 65- and 80-pound-test only), and 3,300-yard spools. This affordable super line is narrower in diameter than lines with additional carriers, so you can fit more of it on your reel. J-Braid x4 is famously known for its abrasion resistance, ease of knot tying and overall line management.

December 2022 Gear Bag

FisheWear Mt. Cutty Groove Apple Watch Band
This collaboration between Groove Life and FisheWear resulted in this cool Apple watch band that features the Mt. Cutty pattern. The silicone watch band is available in a 38 mm (small) and 44 mm (medium) sizing. The band comes with a lifetime warranty and fits all series of Apple watches.

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2
The Pacific Salt 2 platform combines the highly refined ergonomics, grip texture, and four-position pocket clip of the iconic Endura 4 Lightweight with ultra-corrosion-resistant materials. This all-new version of the Pacific Salt 2 further enhances the design with a full-flat-ground LC200N blade, a distinctive green FRN handle, and black-coated handle hardware and clip. Available with either a PlainEdge or fully serrated SpyderEdge, this fully ambidextrous design provides unparalleled cutting performance in and around the water.