Karluk River steelhead and steelhead fishing in general is an addiction for many, a way of life, and the path to either enlightenment or utter despair. For the true steelhead junky, thosethousand-cast days that result in two scant, brief hookups can be just as rewarding as the 15-fish days. For those afflicted, a steelhead stream provides the place to clear the mind, to enter an almost Buddhist-like trance, where the line between mind and body blurs into the cold water. For me, it’s more about quiet time for introspection and less about mechanics, lures, or presentation. But, in those moments of total clarity, when the line tightens and the pulsing rod bends, it’s as if awakening from a cathartic slumber, completely rested and refreshed.

Karluk River Steelhead Fishing on Kodiak Island heats up in the fall

Story by Marcus Weiner
Photo by Wayne Norris

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