8-9.9HP FourStroke9-9HP_FourStroke_CommandThrust_3qtr_Port-Aft.jpg
• Features an exclusive multi-function tiller handle that puts control of
throttling, shifting, and steering and tilting in the palm of your hand
• Push-button primer and fast idle systems paired with a water-cooled fuel
pump ensure easy starts – hot or cold season after season
• Lightweight – very portable

40-60HP FourStroke60HP_FourStroke_EFI_3qtr_Port-Aft.jpg
• Gearcase provides better performance and efficiency
• Propellers provide more power and acceleration
• Low gear ratio provides superior maneuverability


75-90-115HP FourStroke115HP_FourStroke_Jet_3qtr_Port-Aft.jpg
• The lightest and smallest 115hp on the market
• Vibration and sound are minimized by the tightly sealed, thermo-bonded cowl; the Idle-Relief Muffler, which utilizes and acoustic filter to reduce high frequency exhaust noise
• Highest displacement leading to improved durability and longer life


150HP FourStroke 150HP_FourStroke_3qtr_Port-Aft.jpg
• The lightest and smallest 150hp on the market
• Vibration and sound management systems provide smooth and quiet operation.
• Highest displacement in the 150hp class delivers TwoStroke torque with FourStroke efficiency