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Vinyl Frontier

If you’ve been looking for a new, effective and durable smolt, fry or alevin pattern, innovative fly expert Scott Sanchez has “made-up” a few of these Lipstick Minnows for your consideration and crafting.


Beaded Stealhead Jigs 

by Dave Kilhefner

Want a hard-hitting bead jig for those chromer steelies? Dave’s cooked up a batch that will knock their sidewalls off and he shows you how to make them.

Alaska’s Alpine Lakes 

by Matt Hage

Flimsy rods and skinny tippets in the big mountains of central Alaska. Beauty and solitude with great hordes of eager fish. What more could you want?

Magical Misty Trout 

by Terry W. Sheely

Terry W. Sheely shares his love of unfished Southeast fjords and monster tides.Catching trout, steelhead and salmon all-round.

Heavy Metal 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Those chromers prove their worth everytime one hits your line. E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. shares his Southeast obsession in this story of freshwater pursuits.

Early Season Rainbows 

by G.B. Barnard IV

The application of techniques developed elsewhere can bring even bigger results when used in Alaskan waters. Montanan G.B. Barnard IV shares his midwest expertise that he’s adapted for Alaska.

COVER / Agnes Stowe displays a healthy Arctic grayling taken on the surface. © Matt Hage