April 2008 | Salmon Shark from a Kayak


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Fish Alaska Special

Kayak Salmon Sharks

By Howard McKim

Extreme fishing? You bet! Howard McKim hunts some of the largest predators in Alaska saltwater from the smallest floating craft you can imagine. Only for the strong of constitution, this adventure will be sure to get your heart pumping!


Fish Alaska Travel: Zachar Bay 

by Judy Florman

Beautiful, restful, and yes, full of salt and freshwater action. Here’s a remote location that keeps ’em coming back year after year. Join Judy Florman for this idyllic, relaxing excursion.

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Custom Corkies 

by Dave Kilhefner

Paint a raft of corkies and beads for your box. Dave Kilhefner shows you how.

Highwater Steelhead 

by Scott Haugen

Muddy waters won’t stop the intrepid steelheader. Scott Haugen demonstrates how to make the most of spring fishing for this elusive early prize.

Little Lures, Big Fish 

by Terry Sheely

Terry Sheely has some tiny favorites that produce big results. Here he shares the secret weapons in his tackle box and shows you the best way to fish them.

Fish Alaska Fly: Furled Maddis 

by Scott Sanchez

Inspired by a Japanese fly, Scott Sanchez adapts materials and techniques to simulate both midges and caddis.

Driving Grayling Airborne 

by G.B. Barnard 46

Fish spring topwater with G.B. Barnard for the beautiful and hungry grayling that glitter their way through the pristine freshwater lakes of Alaska at breakup.

Fish Alaska Safety: Part 4 in Series: Marine Safety 

by Melissa Norris

Choose the right gear for your water expedition. Here are some suggestions for what to have on board in an emergency.

COVER / Allen Sansano with a salmon shark caught from a kayak in Valdez. © Howard McKim