April 2014 | Fly Fishing Special

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The Incredible Edible Wiggle Bug by Larry Tullis

If you’re looking for do-it-all versatility in a new pattern for 2014, Larry Tullis is here with steps for putting the incredible, edible Wiggle Bug to work in Alaska waters for Alaska fish.

The Workingman’s Spey by George Krumm

Offering traditional characteristics in a contemporary package, these durable reels make a great partner for your two-handed rod setup, giving you something to pass along to the next generation as well.

Nymphing Techniques for Alaska Steelhead by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

This far north, stream conditions often necessitate an approach much varied from the classic down-and-across swing when fishing for steelhead. Here Don Thomas shares his techniques for taking big fish in little water.

Techniques for a Perfect Drift by Nick Ohlrich

If presentation is really 90% of the battle, then it pays to spend some time fine-tuning those drifts. Veteran Kenai River rainbow guide Nick Ohlrich is here with a decade of experience in doing just that.

Sheefish Sojourn by Pudge Kleinkauf

The wilderness fly-fishing expedition is a hallmark of fishing in Alaska, and perhaps nothing is more exotic, more Alaskan, than the wild and mysterious sheefish. Join contributing editor Pudge Kleinkauf for a trip into the sheefish heartland.

907 On the Fly by Troy Letherman
Alaska is a vast land, presenting varied water and a range of gamefish that each require a slightly different tactic. Master them all before hitting the field in 2014.

COVER//  A typical streamer box for salmon and trout. ©Melissa Norris