August/September 2020


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August/September 2020
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Northern Lights, Sunny Days and Chrome Coho
by Marcus Weiner 38

The Tsiu River is an undisputed bucket-list destination for silver salmon. A very angler-friendly destination, both fly and gear anglers can score big numbers of tide-fresh coho. Virtually any common coho method can produce fish here. Publisher Marcus Weiner gives you the skinny on scoring fat Tsiu silvers.

Boat Swinging Big ‘Bows
by George Krumm 46

Most anglers equate swinging flies for trout as fishing while wading. While traditional swinging is effective, on larger streams like the Kenai and Naknek, swinging flies from the boat allows anglers to effectively reach unfished water and undisturbed fish. Editor George Krumm tells you how.  

A Half Degree to Glory
by Nick Ohlrich 54

Seconds and inches; or degrees. It’s sometimes a fine line between what turns on a big-fish bite for Kenai mega ‘bows, and that line is sometimes defined by subtle water-temperature changes. Nick Ohlrich explains how water temperatures turn middle-Kenai rainbows on and off.

Steelhead on the Lower Kenai Peninsula
by Kelly Pinnell 62

The Kenai Peninsula abounds with angling opportunity, and with road access to many great fishing holes, both visitors and locals can fish on a small budget. In this article, Kelly Pinnell discusses three road-accessible steelhead streams on the lower Kenai Peninsula: the Anchor River, Ninilchik River and Deep Creek.


COVER / Americana Fox with a nice Kenai River rainbow trout. © Nigel Fox/Alaska Drift Away Fishing.

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