August/September 2021


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Fall Trout and Coho


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38 Kodiak on a Shoestring—Fish the Emerald Island’s Famous River Salmon on a DIY Budget
by Terry W. Sheely
Kodiak Island has numerous road-accessible streams in which the enterprising do-it-yourself (DIY) angler can target Dolly Varden, sockeye, silvers and even kings. Terry Sheely sampled several of these streams on recent DIY adventures, primarily targeting the Emerald Isle’s road-system silver salmon, Dolly Varden, and sockeye.

46 50 Shades of Peach Fuzz—Increase Your Encounters with Big ‘Bows During an Egg Glut
by Nick Ohlrich
Even-numbered years on the Kenai are characterized by huge runs of pink salmon and obese, but picky, rainbow trout. The result of all those pink salmon eggs floating down the river, in addition to the usual number of king and sockeye salmon eggs, often results in a glut of eggs. Rainbows don’t need to move much to feed and getting pig rainbows to bite can be a challenge. Navigating the glut is what this article is all about.

52 One Hole Coho, Multiple Ways
by Scott Haugen
A single hole can, and sometimes must, be fished in different ways at different river levels. It is possible to land silver salmon in a single hole using twitching jigs, soft beads, spinners, spoons, bobber rigs with or without bait—even topwater flies or plugs. By fishing one hole, but with a willingness to change techniques to match the mood of the fish, you will become a more successful silver salmon angler.

60 The Last Coho Run of the Year
by Andrew Cremata
Late-running coho are the stars of the show in October in the Haines/Skagway area of southeast Alaska. Coho can run large, and the scenery surrounding both watersheds is spectacular. Mayor of Skagway, Andrew Cremata, shares some of his experience fishing these two rivers last year.


On The Cover: Nigel Fox of Alaska Drift Away Fishing with a gigantic Kenai rainbow. © Alaska Drift Away Fishing

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