December 2005 | Kenai River Special Issue


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 14

Fishing for a Compliment 18

Fish Recipe 72

Mykel’s Pinenut & Basil-Crusted Salmon

Advertiser Index 74

Final Drift 82


Fish Alaska Special Section

Fish Cooper Landing 64

The gateway to the mighty Kenai River system, Cooper Landing is scenic, small and friendly. Oh, and did we mention the fishing?

by Marcus Weiner


Class Act 

by David Zoby

Here’s a university every fisherman should attend. Kenai Fishing Academy in Soldotna on the Kenai River was established to educate anyone who uses the river. It’s fun and the food is fabulous. Here’s how to attend.

Run Timing the Mighty Kenai River

by Greg Brush

Expert guide Greg Brush tells you when and where to fish the famous Kenai River.

Private Journeys on Public Water 

by Troy Letherman

Join editor Troy Letherman for his exploration of this most popular of Southcentral fishing meccas.

Just One More Fish 

by Tyson O’Connell

Tyson O’Connell is a guide on the Alaska Peninsula all summer long. But when his friends call from the Kenai—he’s there in record time for some hot trout action.

Date with a King 

by Dave Atcheson

Your first king is always special. When you add your first date to that equation, the event couldn’t be less than spectacular. The Kenai provided writer Dave Atcheson with just that experience.

Russian River Sockeye 

by Jerry Wylie

Jerry Wylie shares his obsession for the fighting reds of the beautiful Russian River. Just up-water from the Kenai.

COVER / The late Curt Trout with Dusty Byrd and a Kenai River rainbow. © Jeremy Boy